I have well over 20 years of experience in photographing weddings. I began shooting weddings with film and carried that knowledge into the digital raw format. Shooting in the digital raw format allows me complete editing control of my images. When shooting in jpge format the photographer is limited to the amount of editing that can be done to the image. All digital images for formal events need editing to bring out the beautiful details and color in a wedding gown. A photographers fee is based more on his knowledge rather than the wedding albums and images.

My weddings prices are based on hourly rates with a minimum of four hours to book. Minimum wedding bookings starts at $1200. You can view your images online two days after your wedding. Photo albums, enlargements and photo keepsakes are additional cost. I offer any album style and sizes you like. Enlargements can range from 5x7 to 30x40.

My wedding video services includes two HD cameras, wireless microphone, complete coverage of wedding ceremony & reception. Extras can include bride and groom getting ready for wedding, rehersel dinner, bridal shower, bachelor party and love story. All wedding services are charged by the hour (wedding day hourly rates starts at $400 an hour and extras at $175 an hour). Please contact me for more details.

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